Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Toowoomba Anglican School –  your enrolment journey starts here! We are excited to share with you what makes our school and community so special and unique. While we are not conducting tours in person at this time, we created this site so you can still discover our school. We can’t wait to meet you when the time is right.


Our school is an inspirational place where students are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our pathways provide both a rigorous and relevant range of opportunities and have a flexible approach to our curriculum design in the classroom and beyond.

"I joined the TAS family halfway through Year 10 and honestly it felt like somewhere I had always belonged. When I think about what makes a great school, it isn’t the facilities or the opportunities, I mean sure they help too, but it comes down to the people and that connection was something I never had until I came here. I couldn’t be more grateful for who I have become and the people I have met whilst being a part of the TAS community. It truly is like my second home and the boarding community now makes up my family too." 

Macey Roberts, Year 12 Student and Prefect



Situated in a stunning location on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba Anglican School is a campus of lawns, gardens and playing fields which foster an atmosphere of peace and security. There is also the beautiful School Chapel with stained glass windows, music and art rooms, comfortable homely dormitories, technology laboratories, a multi-purpose sports hall, manual arts and creative arts centres as well as faculty residences.

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“Being recently new to TAS, I love our school community! Everyday walking through the gates and seeing the smiling faces of my friends, peers  and teachers makes me feel really special and I know I belong. TAS has helped me create so many bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. The opportunities are incredible and I have tried so many new and exiting things. TAS is a wonderful place to be!”

Ella Findlay, Year 9 Student



At Toowoomba Anglican School, we pride ourselves on being 'smaller by design'. This not only gives us the flexibility to create individual pathways for each of our students, but allows us to know every family, student and staff member.

In so many ways, Toowoomba Anglican School displays all the aspects of a small village. But a village is more than this: it’s about the people who live and learn there and the way in which they interact to create a community. The strongest, most persistent and lasting impression created by the school is precisely this sense of community.


At Toowoomba Anglican School, we pride ourselves on being 'smaller by design'. This not only gives us the flexibility to create individual pathways for each of our students, but allows us to know every family, student and staff member.


At capacity, we have 50 students per year level, making up 2 classes of 25 in primary or even smaller classes in elective senior subjects. Our mentor classes (sometimes known as form class) each morning for senior students include students from all year levels, encouraging friendships and networking between ages. 


As adolescents move from primary education through secondary to higher learning, the standard curriculum activities are less likely to arouse curiosity and engage as they are in the early years of education (Research and Innovation Division, 2006). Senior students become more complex thinkers and can more aptly apply logical reasoning processes. In order to create learning spaces and activities to not only sustain motivation and engagement, but also stimulate brain growth through the adolescent years, we have introduced the Gateway to the Future Program


Each year, students take part in a variety of programs designed to develop higher order thinking and new real world skills. These activities complement and support the curriculum but go beyond the classroom to give the students extra real world experiences. In addition to the innovative curriculum that has already been developed and implemented, the Gateway Program has been designed.


An area of focus as the students move through the Secondary Years is that of providing a flexible curriculum. What that looks like for one student is very different for another. Being intimate in size allows for flexibility in the way in which the programs and opportunities can be timetabled allowing for students to find success. There are no two students alike in terms of what they are good at, where they find challenge and what they are passionate about. Many of our students are willing and excited about learning things beyond the standard Australian Curriculum. Many of these areas are integrated into the curriculum, whereas others are facilitated by outside expertise.


Current students are part of a generation where one in two people will have a degree and individuals will average 17 jobs and five careers over their lifetime. Toowoomba Anglican School believes that to help prepare students for life after school, they need to be aware of a range of different workplaces, understand how to work with people of all ages and have experience interacting with adults in the work environment.


The conversations had over the students’ years of schooling provide opportunities to gain information that guide our thinking, planning and source opportunities specifically designed for our students’ futures beyond formal schooling. 


Academically, our one-campus philosophy allows teachers to plan curriculum pathways for individual students. Learning support and academic extension programs can cater for every student regardless of the match between academic level and year level.

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"When choosing a school for our children we were looking for a wonderful education, endless opportunities like music, sport and languages, caring nature, high values, loving community and respect. 

At Toowoomba Anglican School you receive all these wonderful things and so much more. The school has become a family to us that provides more then we could have ever Imagined.

My children are in Grade 1, Prep and Kindy and I am amazed each day with what they learn. To have 3 children excited to go to school each day because of the beautiful environment and exciting school days is such a beautiful feeling. 

We as a family can not place into words how much we love Toowoomba Anglican School and what joy they bring to our family. We are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful school."

J. Eugarde, TAS Parent



Our curriculum gives each student opportunities to become successful learners, confident, innovative and creative individuals and active and informed citizens of the future. The curriculum has been designed in such away as to introduce students to the many unique and specialised areas of the Australian Curriculum.


The students do not just undertake English for example, they attend Creative Writing, Literature and Language classes. Similarly the students undertake specialised Mathematics and Science courses.

Preparing students for the twenty-first century demands an educational environment that is reflective of today’s society. With its exceptional curriculum, innovative programs and extensive opportunities, Toowoomba Anglican School is in a unique position to successfully guide our students towards a bright future.


“"A school day at TAS is a kaleidoscope of opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to explore their strengths and talents in a supported, nurturing environment. The sport, music and cultural activities on offer have provide enrichment of the highest quality. I love representing TAS because our strong spirit and sense of belonging is so tangible.”


Charlotte Lacey, Year 9 Student



“I love TAS because I know everyone and all of my peers and teachers are unique. I enjoy all of the sporting options that TAS has to offer and I have enjoyed the coaching opportunities I have had at TAS. I love all of the different friendships I have established and seeing the school grow in many ways.  ”


Ben Winten, Year 12 Student


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